Where ideas worth pursuing meet entrepreneurs and seed capital to become MVP

Founders & Entrepreneurs

At Tracxn Labs, we help founders and potential entrepreneurs get the right start.
We help you with ideas which haven't yet caught the market's imagination, but could potentially be worth billions of dollars!
If you are someone who is looking to build the next big business or to disrupt one of the behemoths of today's industry, but find yourself stuck, Tracxn Labs might just help you find the right path!

Do any of these describe you?

Want to start but don’t have a clear idea

You are sure that you have what it takes to weather the challenges of starting up, but can’t quite figure out what direction to take. You end up debating a lot of ideas but aren’t sure which one is right for you.

Have started but space is getting too crowded

You have been working on an interesting idea, but see that now it's getting too late to pursue the market. You think that you are missing out while your competition seems to get funded every day.

Have a Great Idea but don't want to pursue it

You have a great idea and believe that it should exist, but you know for sure you won't pursue it. And yet, you’d still like to see it materialize.

Have a Great Idea and an Awesome team

You are already pursuing a great idea, have a rockstar team in place, and think that you are all set to take the next step - raise capital to grow your venture.

If any of the above describe you, then the team at Tracxn Labs would love to have a chat with you.

How Tracxn Labs can help you

Tracxn is a startup research platform powered by the largest team of Analysts tracking tens of thousands of startups across 100+ sectors globally. Tracxn Labs! can help you:

  • Access Tracxn’s sector research platform to scan relevant markets
  • Work closely with our Analysts to understand global mega-trends
  • Discuss your hypothesis with the team and get quick feedback

We will happily share research information and insights with you to not only to help you discover trends in your sector, but also to scan markets and reveal plays which are still in their infancy.


We’d love to hear from you about your ideas and help you with insights developed through years of research & experience and from a massive database spanning over 100 sectors globally.
If you have an idea we love and think you have what it takes to take things to the next level, we would love to help you on your journey by helping you raise $50k-$60k to build an MVP.

However, if you think you have a great idea but don’t want to pursue it, give us a shout and we would love to hear about it. Chances are that if any entrepreneur is willing to pursue it, you might just see it materialize and also get a chance to invest in the MVP round!

If you have an idea that you'd like to share with us, give us a shout at


Mobile first Marketplace for pre-owned goods
Hyper-local subscription based delivery service of daily needs
SME lending platform
Goal oriented Investment Advisory platform
Asset-light Premium Budget Hotel chain
Online marketplace for architects, designers and contractors
Mobile-first Internet First Restaurant
Automated advisor for tax saving investments
Thematic public market investing platform
Chat based concierge services
Fruits & Vegetables supply for businesses
Crash reporting tool for mobile app developers
Invoice linked SME lending platform
Mobile and web based tele-medicine platform
At-home bike servicing
Casual gaming platform
EMI based purchase loans for students
Online marketplace for chefs
Free online learning platform
End to end HRMS product
Mobile Payments platform for retailers
Online job board for mid to senior management jobs in India
Multi-lingual test preparation platform
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Tracxn Labs - How and Why

We love to help founders and budding entrepreneurs

Who are we?

Tracxn Labs! is backed by Tracxn! Technologies' massive competitive intelligence engine and an Army of Analysts. We believe that with our research, we can help hundreds of Entrepreneurs pick and refine the markets they are addressing. We hope to create a lot of Unicorns.

Our Conception

As our coverage became comprehensive in select sectors, Analysts started identifying opportunities in the market where we thought a company should exist. At times we gave our research to some entrepreneurs and it helped them refine their initial ideas immensely. It was then that we saw an opportunity to leverage this to fuel the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our Process

We identify gaps or rather “inefficiencies” in every market we have tracked for over 6 months. Since we cover 100+ sectors, it means we have a large pipeline of potentially interesting opportunities. We then look out for teams who are interested in working on these ideas and have the relevant skill set.

What's the Catch?

Don't worry we don't ask for your "sweat equity" to help you refine the idea. If we think that the idea you are already working on, or the one you discover while working with us, should exist, we will potentially give $50K-$60K to build an MVP and help you with an initial capital investment of $50K-$60K . If you don't want MVP Capital, no sweat.

Contact Us

Have any question? Drop us a message at Do remember to state your intent!