Where ideas worth pursuing meet entrepreneurs and seed capital to become MVP

Founders & Entrepreneurs

At Tracxn Labs, we help founders and potential entrepreneurs get the right start.
We help you with ideas which haven't yet caught the market's imagination, but could potentially be worth billions of dollars!
If you are someone who is looking to build the next big business or to disrupt one of the behemoths of today's industry, but find yourself stuck, Tracxn Labs might just help you find the right path!

Do any of these describe you?

Want to start but don’t have a clear idea

You are sure that you have what it takes to weather the challenges of starting up, but can’t quite figure out what direction to take. You end up debating a lot of ideas but aren’t sure which one is right for you.

Have started but space is getting too crowded

You have been working on an interesting idea, but see that now it's getting too late to pursue the market. You think that you are missing out while your competition seems to get funded every day.

Have a Great Idea but don't want to pursue it

You have a great idea and believe that it should exist, but you know for sure you won't pursue it. And yet, you’d still like to see it materialize.

Have a Great Idea and an Awesome team

You are already pursuing a great idea, have a rockstar team in place, and think that you are all set to take the next step - raise capital to grow your venture.


Cloud-based data analytics platform for healthcare providers and payers
EMI based purchase loans for students
Developer of an online marketplace for gold loans
Tech company offering end-to-end HR operations management solutions
Online lending platform offering business loans
Online aggregator of standardized budget hotels
App-based self-drive rental platform providing electric bicycles
Cloud-based virtual event management software provider
Cloud-based platform for data pipeline
Producer of eggs through innovative technology
App-based wealth management solution for individuals
Manufacturer of Li-ion battery packs and recycler of battery components
Provider of a cloud-based platform for employee health benefits management
Platform offering reporting solutions for marketing teams
Fractional trading & investment platform focused on stocks
Cloud-based platform for employee engagement
Online marketplace for revenue-based financing
Developer of an app-based platform to sell loans
App-based lending, and POS hardware solutions for small businesses and micro-merchants
Chain of coffee cafes
Provider of smart water purifiers
Online gaming platform for casual gamers
Online confectionery offering custom cakes and desserts
IoT-powered snack vending machines for offices
Online hiring platform for virtual personal assistant
Blockchain and AI-based candidate engagement platform
AI-powered platform providing personalized product recommendations
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Tracxn Labs - How and Why

We love to help founders and budding entrepreneurs

Who are we?

Tracxn Labs is a SEBI registered Category I Alternate Investment Fund: investing in early stage technology / technology enabled companies.

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